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Our Canvas-4 Cancer project is about getting personal in helping people who are fighting cancer – the fight of their life – and helping their caregivers in small personal ways as well.  We are in hope that these small ways touch their hearts and help them, in practical ways and make a lasting impression of what love is and easing the days they are living through.

I lost my father to cancer in 2010 and just this year, 2016, I lost my mother after a few month’s battle with cancer which came out of nowhere.  Our family has been touched by cancer many times with numerous people we know and the fight that goes along with that all too well.  Both my parents fought to the very end until God took them home and we were blessed to be able to have them at home and take care of them.

Especially with my mother’s battle, I seen my family gather together, and friends and family come together in small and large ways to help ease what we were going through. Some brought food….some came to sit with us and talk…..some stayed for shifts so we could get a break.  Some brought blankets and practical needs.  All was very needed, appreciated and together we were able to provide our mother care for her last days.

My mother and I often discussed about being life-changers.  We can have a positive impact in the things we do.  It’s up to us in making that happen.  We live in a world full of struggles and sad things all around.  I am merely trying add a little positive where I can.

The details of the project:

  1. 20% of all profit proceeds of every canvas sale goes toward building a fund.
  2. The website will be informing you as the sales grow and fund grows.
  3. As soon as a need is found and there is enough in the building fund – the need will be provided for the patient and/or family
  4. We will provide the details of what we have bought with the fund.
  5. We are hoping to provide pictures of the patients/families we helped (we will respect their wishes).
  6. Together, we make a positive impact in a person’s fight of their life and hopefully spread some true love that makes a life changing impact.

That’s It!  It’s my way of bringing together something I love, photography and taking pictures, selling them and taking a portion and helping out – together – with your help.  I hope you love the canvas pictures, enjoy them and know that you were a part of helping and being a life changer as well.  The fact is, I wish I could make the proceeds bigger, but my costs are my costs and I want to keep your costs down as well for the sale.  All in the focus of helping those who are fighting a fight of their life.

Contact me at the contact button with any questions and I pray that you have an awesome day!  Visit the online store today – http://www.visionempowered.org

For Now – Enjoy Life — Have Hope/Keep Faith/Spread Love


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