Ready…..Set…..Here we go….

This week, we will be delivering our first set of goodie gift bags to a local hospital to the adult in-hospital patients and hoping to spread some cheer and give some smiles!  We will keep you posted 🙂

We put in all kinds of things in the bags and of course……candy!  Who doesn’t love candy!

I thank each and every one of you!  Without your help and support and the purchases, the fund wouldn’t be able to be grown enough to be able to purchase the items and continue to spread the joy!

Together – we are making a difference in the lives who are fighting for theirs –

Stay tuned!

Thank you!

Kelly –




Hoping for some smiles along the way ☺️☺️

In the midst of getting some goodie bags ready for in hospital cancer patients and hoping it brings some smiles their way ☺️☺️ – this is what’s it’s about!  By the way – the cards read that the bags are from HF & L Enterprise together with all the customers – because together we are making a difference ! 

Thank you for your support and visit the store today ! 


SALE!!! Calling all Beach Lovers! This week’s special is a must have! :)

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Here is a reminder that summer is coming – Beach lovers need to get this collection!!

This week’s special is great for beach lovers who want to be reminded that summer is upon us soon!  It is (3) 8×8″ canvas prints – a collection of beautiful beach prints reminding us of the simplicity yet awesomeness of what the beach represents to us.

Normally – these prints, if sold separately, would run $120 + tax and S&H

Right now – TOTAL cost – with tax $95.40 – with FREE shipping!! 

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