Let’s Fight ON – Together!

People right now –  this moment – are fighting with everything they have because they heard the words – “you have cancer”.  My desire?  To help ease in any way I can for the people who are fighting their biggest fight yet.  Why?  Pretty simple – I lost both of my parents to cancer and heard the words, saw the struggle and sat at their bedside and went through all the emotions.  I also lost many friends to cancer and some who have cancer now.  It’s a devastating disease and if any one of us could shine a little light, I say let’s do it – together.

How can you help?  Visit the online store – http://www.visionempowered.org – check out the canvases and see if you would like to buy or personalize any of the canvas prints or create one from your own art and when you buy – 20% of net proceeds goes towards consistently building a fund to help cancer patients in personal ways.

At this current time, we are trying to build up to help a local resident fighting his fight, Jason Beavens.

When you purchase – you become a part of bigger something and we thank each and everyone of you !

Thank you!

Have Hope – Keep Faith – Spread Love




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