Help! This is what it is about ……

The foundation of this project started with a desire to help people fighting the fight of their life.  And although I would love to have millions of dollars and just be able to give money away to those who are fighting cancer – the truth is I don’t have millions of dollars.  But I did and do have a vision and it continuously burns……the love of photography met the desire to help hence this project was born.  And since I started this project with the love and support of my fiance’, we are able to spread love and care to those with cancer and that is truly what God would have us do.

Now…..we want to team up and help another local individual.  His name is Jason Beavens who unfortunately was just diagnosed with cancer and is currently fighting his fight now.  You will find his information on my Facebook page.  From today and through the months of February and March, 20% of all net proceeds will be going towards Jason and helping him out.

First, let’s pray for Jason so he can feel our prayers all around him.

Next, visit the online store today and order a canvas print and you will be helping and being a part of a bigger cause 🙂

We will be adding more products on Saturday, January 28th and will give you updates as we do.


Thank you all!  🙂





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