1st Goal almost Met! Happy Days!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has already bought a canvas and who has taken so much interest in them as well.  More than that – thank you so much for the support!  As I mentioned from the very beginning – this project was born out of a desire to help people who are fighting cancer and their families and hoping to ease what they are going through – even if a little bit.  The full story of what this project is about is found on this website under the Home and About menus.

The first goal – building the fund – to help someone is just about met and with another sale or two – it will be and as I mentioned before – everything will be on the site that you will be able to follow along and see how we are personally going to help.  Small gestures, gifts and acts can touch in big ways and everyone who purchases is a part of that bigger thing and that is why I want to thank you for helping!

There have been some questions and I am hoping to clarify here:  my gallery is on http://www.pictorem.com/profile/Kelly.Reinheimer and you can purchase right through that site and they are giving a December 40% promotional sale or you can contact me directly at hflenterprise@gmail.com with any questions you have as well.  The Pictorem site offers many different ways of purchasing the pictures.

I, personally, can get the canvases as well and I offer smaller ones personally.

Hope that clarifies some questions 🙂  Email me with any other questions and here’s to the continuation of fund building!  🙂

THANK YOU ALL!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Have Hope – Keep Faith – Spread Love


Kelly 🙂


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