First Sale! First Deposit! Fund has been started to help cancer patients and their families – Thank you! :)

So exciting!  Seriously, my friends.  Life is filled with so many trials, bumps, obstacles and so many sad stories.  If we can be a light in that negativity – and do it with a little teamwork – to me – that is awesome – and that is why this idea was even first thought of and started.  In the midst of taking care of our dying parents with cancer, there was so many little things that others did for our family that touched our lives and helped us that sparked something and this is what project is all about.

The fund has begun 🙂 – it will be in small increments at first – but here’s to hoping – more sales – the bigger the fund gets – the more we can help in small ways.

If you decide to follow this blog – you will be able to see how the fund is growing and eventually how we – together – are helping others.

Check out the gallery and hopefully you will find something you like as well as get satisfaction that you are part of something bigger 🙂

I have some roll out specials – ready made canvasses in my possession –  that I will be posting so stay tuned!

Thank you all!

Stay Tuned 🙂

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