We are Official! Let’s Do It!

It’s Official!! 🙂

We are operating under the name of ………………..

 HF & L Enterprise 🙂

It stands for Hope, Faith and Love Enterprise!

There’s a story behind this 🙂

We already had an established LLC but WHAT a daunting task to do a “doing business as” name and my fiancé and I went through a lot of name scenarios and they just were not available or not working out or didn’t feel right.

Here was my thought —- since my fiancé’ Steve has been the driving support for me in doing this to help others in many ways, I naturally wanted to have our names somewhere together – doing teamwork – I love when people work together – especially for a cause.  🙂

Problem was —- however we worked the names in different ways — we kept getting denied because there were so many businesses with the same name or close to it.

Then I had another idea which was was closer to the  foundation of this project —— since Steve and I both lost our mothers within 5 months of each other within the last year – I wanted to name it after them –  in memory of two wonderful women who had a profound effect in our lives!  We wanted to use their initials (L&F) in the name of the business.  However, another obstacle……..Every which way I entered the suggestions we had, they kept being denied as well.

I gave up on both of those ideas and the alternative name I picked was HF & L Enterprise for Hope, Faith and Love Enterprise.

When that name was immediately accepted and we could begin to use it — I also immediately realized – BOTH of our mother’s initials were a part of it as well 🙂 – I love God “coincidences” – don’t you?

So……presenting HF & L Enterprise – an enterprise created in hopes of living out a life of faith in love and helping  others and in memory of our beautiful parents 🙂

Let’s get this rolling and this fund started!

Happy Friday everyone!

Enjoy Life / Have Hope – Keep Faith – Spread Love


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