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Welcome to Our Canvas-4 Cancer website where we are hoping that our small contributions, with your help, will positively affect cancer patients and their families in a big way!

How can you help, you ask?  There are many ways we can help.  This is just one avenue that we hope you help us in.  Touching people personally Рspreading love.

We chose to take something we love, which is photography, and share and sell it and with 20% of all profit proceeds that come in, we will be building a fund to help cancer patients and their families.  It may be something practical they need or a simple gift card for the caregivers of the cancer patient.

Sometimes you donate money to a cause and you are hoping that it helps in some way.  Here, with the website, we want to show you how we, together, are helping and getting personal with the people who are fighting this disease everyday Рtheir personal battle.

Every time we are able to help a person, we will post what we did and pictures as well.

My parents both were diagnosed with cancer, fought the disease with everything they had, and died fighting the battle.  I know personally how heartbreaking it is to see the disease and how it affects Рpersonally, emotionally, mentally and physically.

By helping those today who are fighting their fight,  it is just my way of trying to do something in loving memory of my parents and all who have fought the fight.

Let’s get going – Let’s get personal – Let’s do it together. ¬†Visit our online store at http://www.visionempowered.org and purchase a canvas for yourself and know that you are part of something bigger.

If you are considering donating to the cause, please contact me directly at hflenterprise@gmail.com and we thank you in advance!

Thank you for considering Our Canvas-4 Cancer as an avenue for reaching out in a positive way and spreading love to those fighting the fight of their life.

Have Hope/Keep Faith/Spread Love


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